Palaipafos Museum

Limestone Sarcophagus
Inscription in Cypriot Syllabic Script
Mosaic Depicting Leda & The Swan
︎︎︎Sacred Stone (Baetyl)

Sacred Stone(Baetyl)

Black-green volcanic stone is thought to be the cult symbol of Aphrodite in Sanctuary of Palaipafos. A similar conical object appears on the known depictions of the Hellenistic and Roman sanctuary. Ancient writers describe it and testify for the aniconic cult of the deity at Pafos. It is probably a remnant of ancient practices in the Orient, where the worship of sacred stones, believed to embody the deity, is known. The visitor is able to scan and see a playful kinetic typography and the representation of Aphrodite on the stone. Also explanative information about the use of the volcanic stone as a cult symbol.
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